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Wild Hearts Rescue Ranch serves abused, neglected, and homeless equines and pets in Arizona. We are 501c3 partnered and State Incorporated. We provide veterinary, farrier and feed support to our local community to help owners keep their pets and livestock, as well as provide euthanasia and disposal services. We respond for local agencies for stray, injured or in need animals. At our facility, we house those most in need and sanctuary those with long term issues. Most animals are available for adoption after rehabilitation. Without funding, donations and support, an asset to our community and to animals would not be here to serve. Your love keeps Wild Hearts serving and protecting the most vulnerable. Below are ways that you can assure the safety and healing of those within our reach, and know every penny of your funds went to help the animals, and not pay a CEO or buy television commercials.

Your donations will be used to pay for feed and veterinary expenses including a debt at Adobe Vet Center, as well as any expenses related to the rescue and rehabilitation of the horses and animals. Some of our typical expense aside from the very obvious, is farrier care, manure removal, repairs and maintenance, and some tools and equipment for the ranch. We are primarily supported by the owner’s hard work, and our amazing donors. Over 500 lives have been saved, relieved of suffering, and found new hope through this amazing program. Your generosity assures we reach the next 500+.

Nevada Smith’s Steakhouse & Saloon Saves The Day

Please join us for a BBQ dinner!  There will be music, fellowship, raffles and games!  It’s just $7 per plate, but that goes a long way to helping these beautiful horses!

All proceeds benefit the healing and care of the South Side Seven.







Neglect Case Overload


This horse was referred into the program by one of our professionals and the neighbor to this situation. This horse has not missed a meal. This means he needs major medical intervention immediately. We have an appointment for him at Adobe Vet, Friday morning at 10am. He has a history of enteroliths, and was never treated properly nor was his diet adjusted to prevent them. His colic/gastric distress/death risk is huge. The likelihood he would need emergency intervention before Friday is huge. Again, this horse is now legally in our custody at his original location being fed and cared for by qualified horse people from a neighboring property. We must vet him Friday morning. He has not been starved. He has something major going on in his body.

He needs a foster home. Tucson area.

To donate directly to his vet bill, call Adobe Veterinary Center, 520-546-8387 Monday through Saturday 8-5 to make a donation to the Wild Hearts Rescue Ranch account.

He’s starving to death with his mouth full. Please help.


*All of his pictures include wounds too major to display on GoFundMe. They have been examined by our vet and his eyes have been treated for habro cunkers. We will get better pics of him soon. He is at our vet in Gilbert!
We snagged this horse out from in front of a bullet, basically. Networking with other rescues hasn’t helped as much as we would like, as ALL of us are at capacity and maxing out our budgets. This approximately ten month old stud needs funds for his current Veterinary expenses and boarding at Arizona Equine in Gilbert. We need donations to pay his bill, geld him and a foster or adoptive home to step up. He is UNTRAINED and requires horsemanship. He has a collection of wounds that Dr Taylor has assured us will heal, and has summer sores in his eyes, which he treated as well. I will get the total of his bill but at 60 bucks a day for board and at least $200 in treatment so far, and no location any of us can place a young stud or freshly gelded one (fly season, folks) on the horizon. Who’s going to step up and help us help this baby boy? Donate here for wild hearts direct donations Go Fund Me – Neglect Case Overload or call 480-952-6660 during regular business hours Monday through Friday to donate directly to AZ Equine for his vet bills to the Wild Hearts Rescue Ranch Inc account.


This is Daisy and Indy. They were refugees from a domestic violence case. We picked them up so their owner, who wasn’t in much better shape, could escape with confidence of their safety. They had been improperly fed, were wormy, and malnutritioned as well as stressed from their ordeal. They were originally rescued off a local reservation as orphans. After some minor vet care and wildly expensive dietary care, they are healing and growing and in need of your support. Supplements, constant gentle barefoot trimming care to correct their feet, and more is needed to insure their full recovery. To donate to their veterinary needs, use the information for Adobe Vet, 520-546-8387.

To Donate:

Go Fund Me – Neglect Case Overload

The South Side Seven

Horses rescued from a home on the west side. As part of a PCSD investigation. The latest>>> https://bit.ly/2zVTYM5#Tucson Kevin Adger – Tucson News Now

Posted by Tucson News Now on Friday, July 20, 2018



July 20, 2018: Wild Hearts Rescue Ranch Inc was called to the scene to evacuate 7 equines from a property under investigation for cruelty and neglect. Regular residents of Wild Hearts were taken to our sister facility to make way for the new intakes, and the entire day was spent loading, evacuating, and caring for the six horses and one donkey from the scene. One horse is a stud and at least two mares were exposed. Two very likely and apparent pregnancies. All horses are below a body score of 2, which is emaciation. These animals had filthy water, no feed, and no hope. Their teeth, feet, bodies and minds need so much help. Initial vet bills/expenses look to be around $1000 per horse, roughly, considering needed blood work, treatment, vaccinations and more. Feed, manpower and professional care will be expensive, and we haven’t had a single donation on their case since it began. Very scary. Several of our local news stations will be covering this story. We worked with KOLD yesterday. Please consider a donation, or volunteer some time to help feed and care for the horses at Wild Hearts. We are honored to rise to the occasion for these animals and for our wonderful Sheriff’s Department and their effort to erase a horrible blight on our county. We have long struggled to see the kind of quick response to these situations that we are getting without question now. No longer will horses suffer to death in Pima County. No longer will their abusers escape justice. Will you help us? We did all the hard work, we faced all the danger, and the sweat… So much sweat. We will heal these precious hearts but we need your help!

To see full photos and news stories etc, go to Facebook.com/wildheartsrescueranch

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How You Can Help


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Find our gofundme accounts on the Facebook Page or choose an animal or project close to your heart.

Watch for or call about our events and volunteer days.

Private message the page your email of choice and desired donation amount for a Square Invoice or text/call 520-661-4522 to speak to a representative.

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