The Colt We Got From Maricopa…


The Colt we got from Maricopa with the collection of wounds and habro in his eyes is home at his wonderful foster(fail) home. 😉 He has $450.00 in wound care and habro care as well as board left at Arizona Equine in Gilbert. We need to pay that, as well as fundraise his and several other Geldings we need done. Please call Arizona Equine at 480-962-6660 and donate to our Wild Hearts Rescue Ranch Inc account! They willingly took this baby in, gave us a generous discount and treated him without our funds being available and we’re happy to have donations called in against his bill. Their warmth during the last several years, including their generosity and patience during my lengthy illness is unparalleled. Please reach out to our amazing surgical team and donate for this Colt’s bill, as well as the MASS of Geldings we need to fundraise. You can also donate in the links below or reach out for other options to help the program.

Go Fund Me – Neglect Case Overload

PayPal – Wild Hearts Rescue Ranch Inc



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