For Nearly A Decade…

For nearly a decade, I took phone calls for an org that paid vet bills for individual citizens who’s pets became injured or ill that could not afford care. I answered the phone 24/7, often provided transport, rehoming, rehabilitation here, protection from abuse and neglect and more, 365 days a year, sometimes over 20 times a day. If the resources weren’t there, I found them. I did it because I believe people should both be able to and willing to provide care for their pets. So for about a decade, when the phone rang and help was needed, I found a way. Mostly the way was provided by the wonderful parent org (since closed) but no matter. If it wasn’t, I made a way. Now, I fight for these horses, and there is no amazing program backing us and no “vet bill fairy.” I have to BEG for the same mercy and compassion I handed out on demand for ten years. We have had ONE direct to vet donation for the horse seeing the vet today. We have had no donations towards the Colt we snatched from in front of a bullet, other than that of a foster home and his feed. These donations can all go direct to our veterinary team. 90% of our need is vet, feed, and farrier expenses. The other ten percent is fuel and some administrative stuff. We have 17k followers. If you all donated a dollar we would be done with the South side seven’s financial needs, as well as the three cases that have come in since. If you donated five bucks, we would be funded for an additional several months or major cases. Thanks to Facebook, it’s next to impossible to get all 17k of you to even SEE this post, subtract the ones who don’t care enough to read it, and the ones who are just here to disapprove… Then you figure in the fact that we only need .005 percent of the budget of any of the major orgs like humane society or ASPCA… And they probably spent that on styrofoam cups for the office and joe blow’s raise for making a new commercial to get more donations to not spend on animal Care…we applied for grants ad nauseum, we have sought sponsors who can afford and find passion in our cause. We have added earning members to the team to increase the employed adults factor, so there’s more of our own income to use. I’ve added jobs, side work, etc. We just want to save horses from people who don’t care if they live or die, punish them thoroughly for their cold heart and illegal cruelty using our adequate system, and improve the function of that system to better serve these equines. Please help!

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