Our Residents

Seco is our resident wild man. He is a stud still waiting to be gelded so he can mingle with the others. He was a starving foal found by his deceased mother when he came to us but has grown into quite a goofball of a horse.
Sugar Rush came to us from New Mexico with Clifford. While she is still younger, she will likely never be riding sound due to a catastrophic injury to her left, hind leg. She is still happy to be a horse first and we hope to keep it that way for her.
Clifford is a BIG boy that came to us from New Mexico. He’s had a long time of poor trimming that has most likely cause some tendon issues and lameness in his front end. He’s a big chicken right now that we hope to get back on track with correct trimming and some work once he’s ready for it!
Holly used to be an amazing competition horse but her feet became weak and she was forced to retire. She is a current project to get her feet back to correct and strong so that she can comfortably be a horse again. We’re happy to report that in just a few trims and boots that she is able to canter comfortably!
Amigo was a severe abuse and neglect case. He came in emaciated, covered in sores and motor oil, and suffers from a displaced patella that requires surgical correction. He will never be able to be ridden again despite being a young man but he is just the biggest teddy bear you’d ever be able to find!
Poppy is a retired therapy horse due to going blind from Uveitis. While he can’t see well, he still loves to get out and lead the trail any chance he gets. Poppy is a sweet boy to absolutely everyone and everything.
Rosie is an Arabian mare that suffered extreme neglect. She was an orphan that unfortunately was forced with a surrogate that rejected her and continued to live in just a small stall for 16 years with a mare that resented her. She has a lot of psychological issues from her life’s neglect but she is starting to adjust to being a horse and having both friends and space.
Lilca is an older Arabian mare that came in with Rosie. She was a mother but lost her foal and was forced to try and adopt Rosie while she was a foal. This did not work and the two suffered for it. Lilac has come through to show that deep down, she is a sweet mare but she is still broken and unsafe to move on anywhere but here.
Crow started it all for us. His story is extremely graphic, but he came out as just the biggest goober. If he’s not getting into something, he’s making faces or starting drama with whichever horse is closest to him.
Spring was a day old orphan foal found on an old farm road near Phoenix when she came to us. Aside from never knowing her real mother, she has never been disadvantaged and has enjoyed the luxury of being an inside horse for her first month of life as well as having an army of mommies and aunties. This little goblin isn’t going anywhere!