Adoptable Animals

We currently have a few adoptable horses available here at Wild Hearts Rescue Ranch!

Falkor is a 24 year old Quarter Horse gelding. He would make an amazing kid’s horse or a weekend warrior. He’s a very calm boy under saddle and will do whatever you ask, just at a reasonable pace. He does have a cataract in his left eye that causes him to have some slight depth perception issues, but he navigates around that very well and takes his time to get you where you want to go safely.

Gulliver is our big goof. He’s around 16hh and an OTTB. He came in with some very serious injuries that saw initial treatment but no after care so he has some gnarly scarring on his right side and stomach. We have not gotten him out on a trail yet, but he is a good boy in the round pen. He likes to have his head and will not easily take a bit. Saddle fit is going to be key for him as the scar on his side is right in the path of a girth so something very padded and even pressured is for his best interest. He’s a big love bug and a huge character!


Franny is another sweet Thoroughbred in our care. She is from the South Side Seven Case. She was picked up emaciated and pregnant. She is now in good health, in her teens, and her filly has been weaned. Franny had what we believe her very first ride with us recently and we will continue to work with her riding skills until she finds a home. She is a typical Thoroughbred on the ground. Sweet, goofy, and completely unaware of how big she is.

Georgia is the paint mare from the South Side Seven. She was also emaciated and pregnant. We’ve been on her once and while she is broke, she is unsure and would require somebody to guide her and help her gain confidence. She is about 14.2 hands, green broke as it has been a long while since she was a riding horse, and is in her mid teens.

Cinder is a 22 year old, halter bred Arabian mare. She is full of energy and sass, but also a sweet girl. She is a recent intake, so stay tuned for more information about her as we find it out too!

If you are interested in adopting one of these beautiful horses please contact us.